About A & Y

About A & Y

When Good News Church was looking to find a new home, they didn’t know where to start. Andy and Yury were members of the congregation who stepped up to help get it done. Both had experience in the construction industry, and were excited to put their skills to work.

Working within a tight budget they began meeting with appraisers and banks, had topographical studies done, and worked through all of the phases of the project. Along the way, they learned a lot, and discovered that they shared a dream of starting their own construction business.

Using what they learned on the church project, and with Inna’s help, they officially opened A&Y Construction & Remodeling in February 2018, and began work almost immediately on a bank and a granite showroom.

Andy, Inna and Yury are excited about what the future holds and to help other businesses achieve their dreams.

Andy Gritsay

Andy has worked over 20 years in IT, with a focus on project and people management. Since childhood, Andy has done home remodeling and worked construction with his family. He always had two passions—seeing a project from conception to completion and working hands-on to get results. A & Y is the perfect blend of both.

Inna Yusenko

Inna’s background is in organization and administration.  When the church project started, Inna was enthusiastic to jump in and help Andy and Yury with the behind the scenes work.  When the idea of A&Y was presented, it just made sense for Inna to partner to help create the organizational backbone of the business.

Yury Yusenko

Yury has been in construction for most of his life–specializing in ground up construction.  For the past 20 years, Yury has worked as a general contractor and electrician.  He is delighted to use his knowledge and skills to help A&Y customers achieve their goals.

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